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How many sessions will I need?

This will depend on your aims and desired outcomes. Standard treatments range from one to three sessions in the same area at six to eight week intervals.

How effective is it?

In studies that have been done, the treatment has been shown to permanently remove 30% of fat in the treated area in 100% of patients treated. You can expect up to a 50% reduction with subsequent treatments.

How long does each treatment take?

Treatment usually takes around 70 minutes, with around 15 to 30 minutes preparation time.

What does it feel like?

The treatment is really comfortable and well tolerated. It is non-surgical and requires little or no downtime. You can easily come in for a treatment and then continue your normal activities. Firstly, a gel pad is applied to your skin which feels cool and wet. You may then feel a slight pulling or discomfort from the cooling sensation during the first 5-10 minutes and then during the massage at the end of the treatment.

When will I see the results?

The final results are visible at 6-12 weeks as the body uses this time to flush away the dead fat cells. These results are permanent as long as you maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Can I get back to normal activities straight away?

Yes. The procedure is non-invasive and there is no need for any recovery time. Most people return to normal activities immediately after a treatment. The area you have treated will also determine your comfort afterwards along with natural variations in personal discomfort thresholds. We would recommend you wear loose, comfortable afterwards.

How does it work?

The technology has been developed after scientists observed that children who ate a lot of ice lollies had more dimples due to loss of cheek fat! With further research scientists went on to realise that fat cells were more vulnerable to damage from the cold than other tissue. These damaged cells are then removed from the body by the normal immune system. This whole process is called cryolipolysis. The cooltech procedure works by freezing adipose tissue to cause controlled cell death. The hand-held applicator creates a vacuum and reduces the temperature on selected areas of fat tissue. The treatment can be adapted to different body areas to achieve a full body-contouring treatment.

Another key benefit to cooltech is that, unlike some other similar treatments, you can treat two areas in just one appointment, making this a quicker and more cost-effective option.

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