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Avoid using products with ingredients that reduce inflammation or redness immediately after treatment . Safyre creates controlled inflammation to the dermal layers so for maximum results, allow this inflammation to remain for as long as possible

Advice -use a deep nourishing oil, cream or mask the evening of each treatment to help nourish the skin. Face skin may become dehydrated if not. It is important to you that for 48 hours from treatment, you must eat ‘clean’

ie. vegetables, lean fish and meat, limited carbs and no take away or junk food. As the fat cells change viscosity and become a liquid state, they can absorb excess fat that is digested and swell just as easily as they can shrink

Clients are advised to drink double the amount of water they usually consume on the day of treatment and the following day to support the efficiency of the skin healing process

Exercise will accelerate body results so is encouraged

Maintenance treatments are advised but not always necessary depending on age and lifestyle. Once the course is complete , results can last from 6-12 months

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