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Prior to each treatment the hair should be shaved from the surface of the skin. It is useful to have approximately 1-3 days regrowth so where possible please do this a few days before you are due to come in




Undertake any activity that creates heat – such as exercise, sauna, steam bath, cooking over steaming pans etc. if having face treated

Use a swimming pool or Jacuzzi

Use perfumed lotions or skincare products

Use sunbeds or sunbathe during the course of your treatment

Do not have treatments when immune system is low due to stress, excess alcohol/drugs, illness.other than a glycolic peel treatment

Do not use any method of hair removal except trimming or shaving

Do not use Vitamin A or glycolic products for 2 days either side of any treatment


Use only the recommended skincare products during the course of your treatment and apply liberally to soothe and rehydrate the skin

Advise the therapist of any changes in medications and your health

Seek the advice of your GP should you experience any ill effects


After the treatment the hair will appear to still be growing. It is in fact shedding and this process can take up to three weeks but do not be alarmed if you don't notice this happening, as not everyone does. Shaving and trimming in the meantime is possible. The hair re-growth should be slowed substantially and may be patchy when it does return. Most clients notice an improvement after 2-3 treatmentsThe re-growth may then appear to worsen; in fact the growth cycle has become synchronised, which is highly desirable as subsequent treatments will be even more effective

Use sun protection SPF50 on exposed areas being treated and only use fake tan if it will be completely worn off before your laser treatment (usually 5+ days). Remember that products such as Johnsons Holiday Skin include fake tan

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