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VIP Line is a physiotherapeutic device aimed at solving various problems associated with a decrease in muscle tone on the face and body.  This treatment uses electric impulses to stimulate muscles to actively contract and “train”. As a result, an attractive body shape is formed as muscles become more elastic and taut. It also speeds up metabolism and removes toxins, fat and excess fluid from the body. After treatment you not only look better but feel better. VIP-Line is a good option for anyone who desires a non-surgical face lift or improvement in body shape without diets or regular visits to the gym.


Fast and complete formation of each muscle and ligament, Mini-lift and skin tone improvement. Non-Surgical Cosmetic Treatment. This treatment suits clients who want a facelift, bum lift, tummy tuck, or those who wish to firm, tone and reshape muscle such as creating a 6 pack in the abdomen area. Computerised muscle stimulation that instructs selected major or minor individual muscles into perfect isometric exercise.

Generalised and localised rapid slimming, Muscular firming , Skin toning and Body reshaping. This treatment suits clients who do not have a lot of fat to eliminate but wish to get rid of cellulite, slim and tone. 

A unique form of advanced faradic muscular stimulation which drives the broken down of fat cells through the lymphatic system and then to the bladder, enabling the stubborn fat to be eliminated the way nature intended.


 A reliable tool for cellulite reduction, Linfogei improves oxygenation and circulation to prepare the body for better results of the body sculpting treatment. It can be used for aesthetic venous and lymphatic drainage. Produces movements and displacements of the affected particles; in the case of cellulite, it can reduce adhesion between cells and decrease the nodular appearance by improving toning.

This is the leading anti-ageing technology that provides effective treatment against wrinkles, early ageing signs and skin tone imperfections. Microcurrents stimulate all those tissues affected by aging and significantly improve  already existing imperfections

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